Ohio River Trail Council Founded

The Ohio River Trail Council, also known as the Ohio River Trail, is headquartered in Monaca, Pa.  The Ohio River Trail Council is an Internal Revenue Service registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, relying on corporate, foundation, government and private donations to achieve its mission.  The Ohio River Trail and the proposed connections were conceived by Dr. Vincent Troia.  

In coordination with the Beaver County Planning Commission’s Shared Greenways & Environmental Planner Doniele Andrus, the Borough of Monaca Manager Mario Leone, Jr. and Vincent Troia, O.D. President of Troia Eye & Laser PC, Monaca, Pa, the Ohio River Trail Project was conceptualized on January 1, 2009.   

On May 26, 2009, the Ohio River Trail Council was incorporated by Dr. Vincent Troia and Mario Leone, Jr.  The purpose for which it has been organized is to establish a multi-use trail along the Ohio River, promoting the following purposes:  recreation, health, transportation, cultural and historical amenities, education, charity, the protection and conservation of natural resources and to promote economic benefits to the River & Trail Towns.